Big Dog Bandana Crochet Pattern

Introducing the Big Dog Bandana Crochet Pattern! Who doesn’t love a dog wearing a bandana? Not this girl! And if that dog is huge and fluffy, my heart just melts!

Finding something big enough to fit my Newfoundland Dog can be expensive and time consuming. His neck is 26.5 inches! Crocheting a bandana for such a large dog would be similar to crocheting an entire shawl for a person.

The Big Dog Bandana Crochet Pattern is for the big guys, the giant breed dogs. Surprisingly, this pattern uses less than 100 yards of 100% cotton, worsted weight yarn.

Instead of tying it around the neck (because then we’re getting into shawl size territory), I’ve designed the Big Dog Bandana to slide onto the dog’s collar. This slide on design cuts down on bulk around the dog’s neck and makes for a more comfortable bandana.

The Big Dog Bandana is available for purchase as a PDF download through my Etsy Shop and on Ravelry. The PDF includes the pattern for the solid version and the pattern for the plaid version.


Finished size is approx. 11.5″ deep and 12″ at it’s widest. My dog Ziggy, pictured above is a 140 lb Newfoundland Dog with a 26.5″ neck and a 28″ x 1″collar.


2 oz/55 grams (96yd/88m) of worsted weight (#4 weight) cotton yarn. I recommend using only 100% cotton because it absorbs well and wicks away moisture. It is comfortable for the dog, and will hold up well to washing and drying.

US size #7 crochet hook (4.5mm) or G crochet hook (4mm)

yarn needle for weaving in ends

sewing scissors

2 Stitch Markers (optional) for marking decrease stitches


CH – Chain FHDC – Foundation Half Double Crochet

HDC-Half Double Crochet

HDC DEC-Half Double Crochet Decrease *See Notes

SLST – Slip Stitch ST(S) – Stitch(es)


9 HDC stitches x 7 rows = 2″ x 2″


US terms

Other yarns can be substituted for I Love This Cotton! Yarn. I do suggest only using cotton yarn for this project. Cotton yarn is absorbent and wicking. It will hold up for use on a dog much better than acrylic. Cotton will also wash and dry better than synthetic yarns.

Because dogs scratch, you will want to make your stitches on the tighter side so that dog toe nails don’t get caught in the fabric. If you need to, go down a hook size!

I suggest supervising your animal anytime you attach something to their collar or neck! If they appear bothered by the bandana, remove it.

Bandana is worked flat and turned at the end of each row. Ch 1 at the end of each row DOES NOT count as a stitch.

HDC DEC is worked over 2 stitches-YO, insert hook into first stitch, YO, pull up loop (3 loops on hook), YO, insert hook into second stitch, YO, pull up loop, YO, pull through all 5 loops on hook.

I suggest using a stitch marker in the HDC DEC at the beginning of each row and the HDC DEC at the end of each row and moving them as you complete the decreases. It really helps keep track of the decreases for the next row.

This bandana pattern as written is designed to slide on a dog collar (the type that looks like a leather belt) without a plastic clip closure. If you plan to use the bandana on a collar that has a plastic clip closure, you will most likely need to add a few rows to rows 1-10 to make the sleeve big enough to fit the plastic clip.

Big Dog Bandana Crochet Pattern Instructions

Row 1- FHDC 45 st. CH 1, turn. (45 ST)

Row 2- HDC in each ST across to end of row. CH 1, turn. (45 ST)

Row 3-10- Repeat Row 2. (45 ST)

Row 11- Fold rectangle in half lining up long ends (rows 1 and 10). HDC rows 1 and 10 together in each stitch across. Ch 1, turn. (45 ST)

Row 12- HDC in each ST across. Ch 1, turn. (45 ST)

Row 13 – HDC in each ST across. Ch 1, turn. (45 ST)

Begin Decreases

Row 14- HDC DEC across first 2 ST. HDC in next 41 ST. HDC DEC across last 2 ST. CH 1, turn. (43 ST)

Rows 15- 34-Repeat row 14. This will decrease the stitch count by 2 every row. At the end of row 34 there will be 3 stitches left

Row 34- HDC DEC across first 2 ST. HDC in next 1 ST. HDC DEC across last 2 ST. CH 1, turn. (3 ST)

Row 35- HDC DEC across first 2 ST. HDC in last st. Cut yarn and weave in ends.

I love seeing your work! Be sure to tag @papiocreekcrochet so I can admire your makes with my patterns!

2 thoughts on “Big Dog Bandana Crochet Pattern”

  1. Rapunzel Lindsay

    First let me say thank you so much for a wonderful pattern I can’t wait to make a bunch of different one’s for my boys, now for the OMG the lovely dog in the picture’s is the spitting image of my grandson’s dog when I first saw the picture it shocked me because unfortunately he has passed away but it was good to see his face even if it wasn’t him.
    Again Thank you for the pattern.

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